About The Garden Club of Charleston


             Founded in Charleston, South Carolina in 1922 and federated in 1932, The Garden Club of Charleston is one of the oldest and largest garden clubs in America.  For 79 years, members have offered tours of private houses and gardens in historic downtown Charleston to fund numerous projects for the benefit of the local community.  The Club also offers two popular publications, The Gardeners’ Guide for Charleston and the Lowcountry and The Proper Care and Conditioning of Cut Flowers, to provide additional funds. 


             The Garden Club of Charleston is a non-profit organization whose objectives and purposes are to direct profits from projects solely for benevolent, charitable, scientific, and educational purposes conducive to the well-being of the community; to promote the protection and conservation of natural resources and wildlife; to encourage civic planting and beautification; to further horticultural education, conservation and landscape design through gift camp scholarships; and to encourage the love of all phases of garden club work.


             Membership in The Garden Club of Charleston is limited to 425.  When membership openings occur, applicants must be sponsored by an Active member and endorsed by two other Active members and then experience a year of Provisional membership.  Provisional members serve as docents for the Annual House and Garden Tours or hostesses at the Fall Flower Show , participate in the decoration for the Christmas Tea at the Manigault House, and serve on one of the Club’s standing committees.   Active members are required to participate in one Club function to maintain Active status.  Associate members are members with 25 years of service, and Honorary membership status is granted to those with over 35 years of service. 


             The Garden Club of Charleston is affiliated with the National Garden Clubs, Inc. , the South Atlantic Region , the The Garden Club of South Carolina, the East Lowcountry District , and the Council of Garden Clubs of Greater Charleston .